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Cured vitiligo cases

Vitiligo university student Zhao Lei

    Zhao Lei, 24 years old, whose hometown is in Zhangqiu, suffered from a large area of stubborn vitiligo in the side of his face when he studyed in Grade 1 of university.He went everywhere to cure his vitiligo, cost more than 200 thousands RMB in 3 years, but without any effect.Because of this, his family got poor.

    He graduated from university this year, but it mearned to lose job because of his white splotch on his face.And he cannot step into the normal society.So his family was also at a loss to know what to do something.

    Later, he got a love treatment from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. Through less than 2 courses of treatment by Huahai Vitiligo Hospital, his condition had been fully recoverd.The staff carried out the final exanmination for him, and then went through the discharge formalities for him.He finally realized his desire to recover.

    Zhao Lei finally entered the society and found a job,also look for a partner in a marriage like a normal person.