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Cured vitiligo cases

the history of niuniu' vitiligo treatment

     I was 15 years old when I was diagnosed with Vitiligo. after that it took me 10 years to come out of the negative zone that happened due to social fear. I was a person with no confidence, no self respect, completely destroyed personality. In countries like India it becomes more difficult if you don't have any family support.

     The only good thing that I did that "I DIDN'T QUIT". I remember the day when i decided to change my life forever. My first priority was to overcome FEAR. Fear of people's eyes "OH MY GOD THEY ARE LOOKING AT ME. WHAT THEY WILL BE THINKING ABOUT ME ?". That FEAR was like a concrete in my subconscious mind because it was repeated every second for almost 10 years. I started with daily workout. Started with morning walk, jogging, exercise at home, Yoga and moreover making myself visible in Public which I was hiding for long years. I started reading, reading a lot.

     I knew that I have to make myself mentally tough and every time i felt i am coming back I tried more harder. It all starts with FEAR and then all problem begins. My aim was to vanish that FEAR, not by running away from it but running towards it, Facing it boldly whenever it appears. 

     I am a changed person today. And I want everyone right out there, JUST START LIVING YOUR LIFE TO FULLEST. THE ONLY PERSON IS YOUR BEST FRIEND IS "YOU". START LOVING YOURSELF. 

     I know it was not easy for me but was not IMPOSSIBLE. I don't know what to write more. The only thing that motivated to write this was to share my thoughts with people who are facing similar problems.

     Dear friends just focus on your life nothing else. Make your goals and just forget about Vitiligo. Its not the looks that make people beautiful, it's all in the thoughts. I was very happy when i found VITILIGO FRIENDS. I am very happy to see people here fought against there tough times and are living happily. Hats off to all.

    If someone want to talk with me ,please add me .My whatsapp is +8615505431775;my email address is 188725978@qq.com