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The white spot always quietly expanding

Vitiligo patients look normal skins actually belong to is potential vitiligo, meets the inducing factors white spot will expand spread, until the whole body turned white.

Facial disfigurement, forming piebald appearance.

Vitiligo although do not ache not to itch, but the serious influence appearance, small area white spot from different parts of the continuous diffusion, and even spread to the face.

White spot turned from small to big, and formed a "leopard spot" shaped body.

White spot diffusion time and parts with uncertainty, as time to expand a piebald appearance, resulting in disfigurement property damage.

White spot in the skin cancer easily.

White spot area with no melanin protection, exposed parts of the white spot to the sun exposure may cause other skin diseases, even getting skin cancer.

Psychological pressure is big, easy to have depression.

For most people, inadequate understanding of vitiligo, alienate vitiligo patients, patients inferiority depressive, produce the psychological disease, and even have to depression.

Vitiligo may pass on to the next generation.

Vitiligo have certain genetic, not treated words may pass on to the next generation, so in order to the next generation the happiness, you should adhere to the treatment.

Springsummer easy diffusion, easy to exposure, easy sunburn.

Spring to summer temperature is high, can't covered it with clothing white spot, and spring is vitiligo disease session, easy development diffusion.

Vitiligo will make you lose a friend, lover, family, career, success, and happiness.

Lose academic, loss of friends, loss of love, loss of marriage, loss of family, loss of wealth, one day treat bad, the pain one day.

Late treated, time, economic cost is higher.

Vitiligo most rapid development, spread fast, because they are not normal effective treatment, resulting in a long history, large area, time and economic cost high!