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Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine's "Chinese Medicine Vitiligo Clinical Hospital" Established

On July 19th, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine's "Chinese Medicine Clinical Vitiligo Hospital" was set up, and the awarding ceremony was held successfully in Beijing. The State Health Planning Commission, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the head of the army's health system, and national Chinese medicine experts also attended the event, including more than 100 people.
The Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine is the largest and most powerful research institute for Chinese medicine, which has won the Nobel prize in medicine, the state's highest scientific and technological awards and other domestic and foreign top medical awards. It is the highest authority on Chinese medicine.
It will be a great innovation in the field of Chinese vitiligo treatment that the first "Chinese medicine vitiligo clinical hospital" of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine settled in Huahai Vitiligo Hospital. After the establishment of a clinical hospital, it will rely on the strong scientific research strength of China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, and the valuable clinical experience which Huahai Vitiligo Hospital 23 years dedicated to vitiligo disease, to achieve powerful combination. Through the promotion of scientific research and technical cooperation, it is to achieve comprehensive upgrading of Chinese medicine treatment of vitiligo, and to gradually make excellent Chinese medicine achievements step into the world, to benefit the domestic and foreign patients better.