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Vitiligo treatment




Acupuncture is made up of "needle" and "jiu" of two kinds of treatments, it is by acupuncture and moxibustion to adjust the function of the viscera of meridian, so as to achieve the prevention and treatment of diseases of a treatment. Because the needle and moxibustion with often use, so often compare collectively known as "acupuncture". TCM holds that the onset of vitiligo, and illness, syndrome performance, etc., while highly complex, but the cause, the total is viscera function disorder. The acupuncture treatment of vitiligo is according to the TCM theory of zang-fu organs and meridians, using "four diagnosis" and "eight steel" dialectical method, can be summarized by the various clinical evidence hou, integration, analysis, in order to make clear the cause of disease, illness in dirty, in the inner parts, the table in the vitiligo syndrome of attribute is cold, hot, empty, true. On the basis of the selected point, with holes, and needle or moxibustion, or filling or diarrhea, in order to pass the meridian, the qi and blood, to make the body to balance of Yin and Yang, viscera function tend to be adjustable, and thus achieve the goal of prevention and treatment of vitiligo.