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Vitiligo treatment



As everybody knows, vitiligo is a kind of caused due to significantly reduce the melanin cells or lack of a disfiguring skin, mucous membrane and hair sex disease. Below is introduced in detail, look at how cupping therapy in the treatment of vitiligo. The specific practices are as follows:

Under the spiderman (biceps lateral along the under 13 and 13 junction slightly above).

Methods: using stab winding cupping method, tank 10 to 15 minutes. Daily or every other day treatment 1, 5 to 1 course of treatment.

Often, spleen shu, the lesion site.

Method: the lesion site's body with plum needle thorn, then use the moving cupping to skin with blood red; Spleen shu, chung wan acupuncture point with pure cupping method, leave a can of 15 to 20 minutes, the tank after article in ai wen jiu 5-10 minutes. Treatment 1 times a day, five times to 1 course of treatment.

In ancient times, doctors commonly used cupping therapy in the treatment of ulcers abscess, then one used in consumption, rheumatism, etc. Visible cupping in addition to preserve one's health, its effect in treating diseases to be reckoned with.