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Vitiligo treatment



    Ear bloodletting method in the treatment of vitiligo  often take points the tip of ear acupuncture point  bleed 3 ~ 5 drops per treatment  cheek area, lung area

Bleeding can. Endocrine area with former  tool take knives, needles, disposable syringe needles. Treatment once a week.

   Ear bleeding is one of the traditional Chinese medicine therapy  effect for some disease significantly  especially skin diseases  it has dredge meridian,

New, remove stasis of discharge heat, relieving itching, purging fire pain relief, and so on. In recent years  ear  bloodletting method is also used in the treatment of vitiligo

   Have certain curative effect   it can to a certain extent, alleviate the symptoms of vitiligo.

    Ear bloodletting method in the treatment of vitiligo note  according to the causes of vitiligo  can choose  do when take other meridians  operation

Amount to avoid  cartilage parts after cartilage fracture is not easy to heal. When need in the acupoint bloodletting  hand knives, needles should be temporary

Placed on disinfection ( or instruments will be in the right hand up  blade when all of a sudden twist a head wound healer  oriented in order to avoid patients head facial 

    Treatment of patients with anemia and diabetes, pregnant women to avoid is used a earpins treatment.

     Ear bloodletting method not everyone is suitable for vitiligo  finally  according to our experts warn broad vitiligo patients

Each type, different periods of vitiligo performance  accurate classification, classification, choose the professional hospital in installment, formulate appropriate treatment

Plan is the guarantee of vitiligo cured.