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Inducing factors of vitiligo

Who doesn't want to have a healthy body, the skin health is also very important,vitiligo is a disfigurement disorder, cause great pain to the patient. What is the incentive of vitiligo? Vitiligo real etiology is not clear, there are a lot of causes, the causes of congenital and acquired by the day after tomorrow,   so in order to far away from the skin of the symptom distress, to understand the pathogenesis of vitiligo incentive is significant.

   1, improper diet: life rhythm is fast, accelerated the fast food derived, a lot of junk food pouring into the market, people often will bring snacks to replace normal diet, nutrition, diet, the structure unreasonable, the partial eclipse and easy to cause some of gastrointestinal problems, also very easy to induce vitiligo.

2, the pollution of the environment: according to the survey found that heavy industry developed areas of the number of patients with vitiligo is much higher than other regions. This is because the factory emission of waste gas, waste water, waste residue, the environmental pollution is serious, these will be directly on the human body damage, thus lead to more and more high incidence of vitiligo.

  3, ultraviolet radiation: human life has been improved, more and more of the refrigerator is used, discharged fluorine kind of refrigerant in the atmospheric ozone layer continuous destruction, the human "umbrella" is destroyed, a large number of ultraviolet radiation to the ground will be directly harmful to human skin health, even can cause cancer.

The causes for vitiligo related introduction, is only for your reference. In addition, huahai vitiligo hospital experts say, correct diagnosis is the premise of the treatment ofvitiligo. Treatment of vitiligo, must go to professional hospital. Wish you recover at an early date!