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the cause of children suffering vitiligo

Now more and more patients have vitiligo, including children suffer from vitiligo is also very common, many parents will ask, my child is very healthy , how can suffer fromvitiligo? How to cure vitiligo? Children vitiligo causes are complex, some of these factors is common, and often two or three factors mutual work, common cause disease occur.

Genetic factors in the pathogenesis of vitiligo in children plays an important role. Genetic itself does not cause the pathogenesis of vitiligo one hundred percent, however, with other factors work together, the incidence of vitiligo are greatly improved. Some scholars in 300 cases of children with genetic factors in patients with vitiligo the investigation and study, found that trauma and immune system disorders are two of the most common factors. The trauma and genetic common occurrence function lead to disease occure of 89 patients, and since the immune system and genetic disorders common occurrence function lead to disease occure of 172 patients, most of the time is three and three more factors to happen with vitiligo.

Trauma is a common cause of children vitiligo. Children like moving, love to play, but children the self-protection ability is poor, the contrast between the two is that children vitiligo patients vulnerable to injury the main reason for the harassment. Trauma in children patients with vitiligo immunity to reduce, all kinds of harmful stimulus which cause damage to patients, leading to disease occure; In addition, the injury cause the body to tyrosine consumption increasing, reduce melanin synthesis.

The immune system disorders. Children's immune system is not mature, on the one hand, low immunity, let the outside world harmful stimulus can more easily breakthrough defense to the human body is damaged, on the other hand, outside of harmful stimulus to children vitiligo patients' immune system changes is more noticeable than adults. Some scholars think that vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, caused by the immune system happens disorder, produce anti melanin cell antibody, normal melanin cells occur variation, leading to disease starts vitiligo. Children patients with vitiligo itself the immune system is not mature, and the partial eclipse habits, long-term nutrition is not fully added, the immune system are more vulnerable.

Of course, children vitiligo cause not only includes the discussion above three aspects, the endocrine disorder, microcirculation, mental factors such as long-term stress can also lead to children vitiligo. But for children in vitiligo cause survey found that genetic, trauma and immune system disorder is the most common three factors, and the three factors often common attack, influence each other, disease in children. Suggested that parents pay more attention, love children, and children communication, give them the right guidance.

The above is to "children suffer from vitiligo reason" introduction, huahai vitiligohospital expert advice vitiligo patients should pay attention to the details of life, strengthen exercise, improve body immunity, promote the recovery of the disease.