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Vitilig FAQs

How long can vitiligo sufferers recover health ?

A treatment course for vitiligo is three months in our hospital.Vitiligo is not only a skin disease,but also a kind disease of imbalance in body.The result is that the disease cannot be healed in a short time.It needs some time to regularize skin toachieve the result of treatment focusing on relieving both the secondary and primary symptoms.White spots can disappear naturally after recuperating the balance of body and restoring the function of melanin regeneration.The white spots that area is small and the disease history is not long(eg,face) can disappear after about one treatment course. The white spots that area is big and the disease history  is long(eg,hands,feet) can disappear after about two treatment courses.The experts can diagnose the discease everyday in our hospital. Please consult +8618454369474to make an appointment if you you need the director to diagnose the condition for you