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purslane for vitiligo

Cuisine, also called purslane ﹑ longevity food. Generally a reddish-brown, leaves hypertrophy, long obovate, because looks like a horse teeth the name. It contains protein, fat, methionine, lactoflavin, ascorbic acid and other nutrients. Because the acid kind of material is more, so I feel a little when I eat some sour.
       The horse tooth was the medicinal function of heat-clearing and detoxifying, cooling blood bleeding. Because it contains rich noradrenaline, can promote pancreatic gland to secrete insulin, regulate blood sugar metabolism, reduce blood sugar levels, maintain a constant blood sugar, and so has a certain therapeutic effect on diabetes. In addition, it also contains a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, called 3 - W can inhibit the formation of cholesterol and triglyceride, for cardiovascular protection.

        As its function for vitiligo,there is no clear clinical basis.Vitiligo clinical choice treatment is not choose according to individual apiration, when we were in the proposed treatment plan is not a traditional one thousand people, ten thousand people a medicine, is combined with the special condition of each patient, treatment according to the condition to choose the right treatment, will have obvious effect.