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Eight happy food therapy vitiligo melancholy.

1. Deep sea fish: studies have found that live in the sea of people around the world are happy. It's not just because the sea make people refreshed, or because the people who live in the sea to eat fish more often. Of Harvard University study suggests that omega-3 fatty acids in fish with commonly used antidepressant drugs such as lithium carbonate has a similar effect, can block the nerve conduction path to increase the secretion of serotonin.2. Banana: banana contains a substance called alkaloids, can lift people's spirits and boost confidence. And bananas are the source of the amino acid and vitamin B6, these can help the brain to make serotonin.3. Whole wheat bread: carbohydrates can help increase serotonin levels, researchers at the Massachusetts institute of technology said: "vitiligo patients take this kind of pasta, snack foods as the antidepressants can eat is very scientific."4. Spinach: researchers found that lack of folic acid can reduce the serotonin in the brain and cause depression mood, and spinach is rich in folic acid's most famous food. Absolutely OK, folic acid is vitiligopatients, especially patients with mood swings to pay attention to add good dongdong.5. Garlic: garlic though will bring bad breath, but can bring a good mood. A German study of garlic, found that patients with vitiligo after eating garlic preparations, feel so tired and anxious, and more is not easy to anger.6. Pumpkin: pumpkin is good mood, because they are rich in vitamin B6 and iron, are the two nutrients helps your body to store blood sugar into glucose, glucose is the brain only fuel.7. Low fat milk: New York's mount sinai medical center study found that for women with premenstrual syndrome have 1000 mg of calcium tablet after three months, three quarters of the people feel happy more easily, not nervous, irritable, or anxiety. And in daily life, the best source of calcium is milk, yogurt, and cheese. Fortunately, low-fat or skim milk contains calcium. To drink milk, vitiligo patients.8. Chicken: a British psychologist to participate in test ate 100 micrograms of selenium, their common reaction to feeling better. And rich source of selenium including chicken. Selenium is vitiligo patients often lack of trace elements.