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vitiligo patients can makeup?

 Many patients suffering from facial vitiligo are urgently needed to keep out the place, especially in female patients with vitiligo, a brief treatment under the condition of no effect, more strongly want to use cosmetics to block vitiligo with concealer. In fact, the cosmetics for the etiology and treatment of vitiligo has very big effect. Rely too much on cosmetics, not only does not bring the effect of block defect, will promote the spread of vitiligo.
      Experts explain: use of mercury levels serious kind of cosmetics, in addition to direct harm to skin, after mercury absorbed through the skin into the human body, can damage the human nervous system, liver, kidney, hematopoietic system and reproductive system, cause infertility. For pregnant women, will also affect fetal development through the placenta.
      In fact, the vast majority of block defect frost containing the chemical elements such as lead, mercury, it is not only for the treatment of vitiligo have no effect, and covered in white spot on the skin, can clog pores, not conducive to the absorption of drugs. Once to stop the use of block defect frost, as on the surface of the skin metabolism, pigment will fall off.
     Therefore, block defect frost effect on vitiligo without any treatment, and control, and even can aggravate the disease. Vitiligo patients should treat illness in the right spirit, actively cooperate with the doctor treatment.