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Vitilig FAQs

Can vitiligo be fully cured

    People from all parts of globle are affected by vitiligo and are suffering both physically and mentally. Can vitiligo be fully cured? It is indeed a solace and comfort to know that a cure for vitiligo.The experts from Huahai Vitiligo hospital who have been serving in this field for more than 20years,created the new theory “cured balck and white together ”.Since then ,vitiligo can be fully cured.
   The new technology "black and white cured together" in the treatment of vitiligo was approved to promote by chinese government department in charge of traditional chinese medicine - The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine.Since the national promotion on October 2009, it has been successfully service hundreds of patients throughout the United States, Britain, Japan, Jordan, and South Africa, including 114 countries around the world. The success of the technology promotion rewrite the history of incurable vitiligo and bring good news for patients with vitiligo.