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Which medicine should be avoided for vitiligo treatment


 Vitiligo can not only influence patients’ appearance,but also influence physical and mental health.We must attach importance to vitiligo and take treatment as soon as possible.Which kind medicine can not be used for vitiligo treatment?

1.       Hormone drugs

This kind medicine have fast effect and they are easy to be used,but they have big side effect.Through long-term clinical practice, we proved that it does more harm than good.No matter how you use this kind medicine ,you can not eliminate the inhibitory effect of adrenocortical function of the body,so that it makes the body produce dependent.

  Light person to make the body produce acne, rosacea, glaucoma, streaks and skin atrophy, adverse reactions such as purpura bacteria and fungi infection, the person that weigh the result of the original adrenal function is restrained and atrophy, loss of function of normal adrenal hormone secretion. Once people can appear serious rebound, lead to more difficult to cure illness, so thevitiligo patients should be careful with these drugs, especially for patients with early and children.

2.       Antitumor drugs

         The drug for controlling vitiligo is pain drugs clinically . After patients use this kind medicine for long time,it is easy to cause skin atrophy and aging.

3.       cupric drugs

     Copper ions is the important prosthetic group of tyrosinase, and it is closely related with enzyme activity.So many hospital use cupric drug for vitiligo treatment. However, clinical reports show that cupric intravenous can cause death.Therefore, cupric drugs should not be used.

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