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Zhu Zhenheng

  Zhu Zhenheng, word YanXiu (1281 ─ ─ 1358), jinyuan, four home Zhu Zhenheng which at the latest. He xi Confucianism first, change to be after, in the study "element asked", "hard" and other classic works, on the basis of the cenotaph famous doctor, trained to pass the first child of the Liu Wansu of knowledge and, as it is a combination of the length of the house of a generation of famous doctor. Zhu Zhenheng theory, three are in purging fire, strike, fill the activing, it is not enough for ziyin solution. Promoted "insufficient Yang often, Yin often", says that the body of Yin qi, yuan jing important, therefore was later known as the founder of "Yin". Clinical treatment, the effect such as Fu drum, there are many drugs that don't have to visit the patients, therefore, "zhu a post" as people. Disciple is numerous, spread the sense, is the yuan dynasty and one of the most famous therapists.
         Zhu Zhenheng through clinical practice for many years, their own shin, form, created the famous "Yang more than often, Yin often inadequate" and "fire" theory, and miscellaneous disease of qi, blood, phlegm, is put forward to the syndrome differentiation treatment of depression, in the medical theory of play and has contributed to the treatment of miscellaneous diseases, is regarded as one of jinyuan four people. The author of "more than due theory", "the army play", "GouXuan golden", "Ben yan addendum of righteousness", etc. In addition, also many spread about the book of Dan creek, among them with "Dan creek art", "Dan creek art or most representative, but were not himself by Dan creek, fasten the posterity will zhu's clinical experience in the finishing.
         "Dan creek art" in "flesh and and diseases is not born, there is a Fei depressive, gave birth to the disease. The disease, so life born in depression." The etiology of a more detailed description of the induced vitiligo mental factors.