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Sun Simiao

 Sun simiao (581-682), the han, tang dynasty JingZhao original (now shaanxi YaoXian), who is a famous physician and Taoist priest, is China and even world history great medical scientist and pharmacologist, known by later generations as the "who", many Chinese to serve as "god".
      Diligent about books, sun simiao life in his later years in seclusion JingZhao huayuan (now shaanxi tongchuan city yao obviously) wutai mountain (YaoWangShan) stands attentively, until the year of whitehead, no hilarity. Life making more than eighty kinds of books, of which "daughter prescription", "qian Jin Yifang" most affected, two great 60 volumes, the prescription of 6500. "Daughter prescription" and "thousand Jin Yifang collectively known as" the daughter side, it is used to summarize the achievements of medical system, in the tang dynasty is regarded as the first of a clinical medical encyclopedia, very profound influence on later medicine development.
     Sun is following the Chinese medicine development first a bright is dazzing, star, in leave indelible meritorious service in world medical history, thousands of years has been high praise and worship. Emperor taizong its great sun simiao "digging path, chief medical. Three st wings, blending elements. The JiangLongFuHu, min and failure JiuWei. Wei open, the teacher of one hundred generations". Bei ChiFeng reality "should be", is regarded as "who". Ancestral temple memorial are everywhere in our country today. Shaanxi hometown Sun Yuancun YaoXian who have existing who sites of sun simiao was born, young read site, who's tomb and sun-style Ying garden, who memorial garden and majestic who memorial center who ancestral temple, February lunar calendar scale grand memorial who sun simiao culture festival activities. At ordinary times have come from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and an endless stream of tourists from all over the country.
    The pre-emergency daughter, prescription volumes, 23, a variety of clinical prescription for the treatment of vitiligo, and pioneering "combination" in the treatment of vitiligo.