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Hua Tuo

 Hua tuo character, also known as 旉, han not qiaocheng levon countries (now anhui bozhou), is the eastern han dynasty last years famous therapists. Youth travel outside, working on skill and not official career. His medical skill comprehensive, especially good at surgery, surgery, was called "surgical master", "surgery". Proficient in, wife, son, acupuncture and moxibustion in all subjects, surgery is particularly good at it, practice in henan, anhui, shandong, jiangsu and other places. He has used "hemp boiling away" the patient after anesthesia laparotomy, application of general anesthesia surgery is one of the world medical history of the earliest recorded. And copy the tiger, deer, bear, ape, birds, animals, such as the dynamic creation of gymnastics, called the "five birds drama" teach people to keep fit. Killed after levied when cao cao, by books, qing capsule book is reporting. Today in shangqiu "hua tuo temple" and other sites.
     Hua tuo is a prominent physician, the eastern han dynasty "were" and "reflection" is his biography. Fahrenheit family is a family, their descendants have a settled in bashing our county more than 10 miles north of a scenery beautiful xiaohua zhuang (now qiaocheng district HuaTuoZhen). To HuaTuoShi family has become less, but in the family of hua tuo on great expectations. From its name, word, "much", is the meaning of the load, "yuan" is the meaning of germination. Hua tuo have been studying hard, and learning to recite the history, the book of songs, the zhouyi, "rites", "spring and autumn" and other ancient books, gradually has the higher cultural quality.
     Hua tuo offering esotericism, emphasizes the treatment of vitiligo, beyond cure method. Attention should be paid at the same time, the han dynasty has pay attention to the combination of internal and external treatment methods in the treatment of vitiligovitiligo and opens up a new way for the later treatment.