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Forbidden City, Beijing

 Old Beijing the imperial palace, the Forbidden City, is China's 24 emperors of the Ming and qing dynasties of the palace. Now refers to the national Palace Museum in Beijing. Located in the centre of Beijing, is incomparable ancient architecture masterpiece, is also the world's largest and most complete existing the ancient wooden structure buildings.
   The Forbidden City palace buildings are wood, yellow glazed tile roof, green white stone base, decorated with resplendent and magnificent painting. The Forbidden City has four door, front door of the meridian gate, east gate DongHuaMen, Simon xihua gate, north gate of creature. In the face of the north gate creature door, clay, stone built in jingshan, full mountain pine forest.
The palace buildings along a north-south axis alignment and to both sides, the straightening, left and right sides is symmetrical. On the basis of its layout and function is divided into "the outer court" and "imperial palace" two parts, by a gate of heavenly purity, the gate of heavenly purity to the outer court, south of north of the imperial palace. The outer court, the imperial palace building atmosphere is very different.
   The outer court in taihe palace, zhonghe palace and Baohe Palace three main halls as the center, in the three main halls "of supreme harmony" commonly known as "during", is the place where emperors held at will, also known as the "power". Is a feudal emperor exercise their powers and held a grand ceremony. In addition to the east wing of the mandarin house, Wen Yuange, therefore courtyard, south three; West Wu Yingdian, office buildings, etc. Sharpens the magnificent architectural image, the courtyard, symbolizes the supreme feudal regime.
   Imperial palace to the palace of heavenly purity, tai temple, palace of earthly tranquility after three palace as the center, the two wings of yangxin temple, east sixth, west sixth palace, the hall of abstinence, yu, after the imperial garden. Is the place of the feudal emperors and empresses lived. Imperial palace of tranquility in eastern palace is the qianlong emperor pension after abdication. Imperial palace in the west is CiNing palace, ShouAn palace, etc. In addition to the heavy China palace, north five buildings, etc. The courtyard deep, compact construction, independent and orderly.