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Vitiligo girl from Tajikistan got free vitilgio treatment-Huahai Vitiligo Hospital

   Just finshed the China New year ,all people from Huahai Vitiligo Hospital are busy for the Tajikistan girl Kamiu who has vitiligo.

   Kamiu,14years old,lives in poor village.Her father died many years ago.Her mother surffering from serious illness without labor ability.

   In the year of 2015,Kamiu got vitiligo on her left face.At first ,the vitiligo size is small .However ,she has no money to take vitiligo treatment ,her vitiligo become serious and bigger.

    Big zise vitiligo made the beautiful girl lose smile,she become qiuet ,indrawn inferiority.Her teacher found her change and tried best to help her .

    Luckily,her teacher found Huahai Vitiligo Hospital and asked help from Huahai Vitiligo hospital.Dr.Cheng Aihua ,the director of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital.discussed with committee and decided to provide free treatment to the vitiligo girl.

    11st,Feb,2017,Kamiu arrived at Huahai Vitiligo Hospitaland started the free vitiligo treatment .

    Let's wait and see the marvelous effect of the free vitiligo treatment .

    If you are poor and want to take free vitiligo treatment ,please contact us :

     Email :[email protected]