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Do we need to choose western medicine or Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo

    This timeHuahai vitiligo hospital would like to share with you about whether we should choose Chinese medicine or western to treat vitiligo? we think may many patients have this confusion. They are different in respect of principle and effect.

    Vitiligo need to use heteropathy treatment, scientificly find the specific cause of it as well as the degree of melanin deficiency,accordingly make a treatment plan which best suitable for the patient, only in this way can we reach a good treatment effect. During the treatment period, the most important point is to control the its developing. If we did not find the cause of the vitiligo specificly and scientificly, and using medicine blindly, and for the most part it will lead the white patches developing fast and getting worse.

     There are many ways to treat vitiligo, but Chinese medicine and western medicine are comparably common to see.In fact, the treatment principle are different.Chinese medicine is based on conditioning, to treat vitiligo from the inner body, and require a long treatment period, thus the patients need to have patience.Comparably, western medicine effect fast, and usually give patients better expectation.

    But,western medicine usually with big side effect, vitiligo is a refractory disease, known as a cancer cannot die, but modern medicine made a thorough analysis of vitiligo in respect of its pathology, physiology,pharmacology study, and it is a curable disease, but it is a refractory curable disease, thus during the treatment period, we must master the detail, thus only this the vitiligo can be treated in its essence. About medicine treatment, Chinese medicine and western medicine each has its advantages and disadvantages, Chinese medicine take effect slowly, western medicine take effect fast, thus during the treatment, we must combined the Chinese medicine and western medicine, seize the opportunity, and period, and use the right medicine, only in this way can vitiligo get cured and patients get recovered from it.