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Why Taking Wrong Treatment for Vitiligo Is Worse than No Treatment

   This time the experts from Huahai vitiligo hospital would like talk about taking wrong treatment is worse than no treatment. Vitiligo cannot be treated at once, the treatment for it needs plenty of time. Usually it need to cost 2-3 months to see whether or not the treatment is effective or not. Some patients want fast effect, or during the treatment, once they heared about effective medicine, they will change randomly,which is bad for the vitiligo recovery.

   No matter which kind of therapy or medicine, at the beginning stage, it is with feeler quality.

   Most medicines for vitiligo start to show effectiveness at the later period, if patients stopped using it in the middle, it will definitely effect the treatment result. Once the new medicine take no effect, patients will lose its confidence for the treatment.

   The majorities of the treatments combined Chinese medicine and western medicine, as well as external application and whole treatment together. But usually mainly treated through local inunctum.

   Usually through external application. Principally for small white spots, first use one kind of external ointment,after the course treatment, patients may consider whether or not to use it according to the effectiveness. With regard to the generalized vitiligo and developing vitiligo, especially for the vitiligos that develop fast under stress state, in order to control it in short time,it is better to use Chinese medicine, western medicine or take two kind medicine orally or through infusion. Internal used medicine should be used according to diseased situation and the doctor’s advice

With regard to the treatment for vitiligo, Huahai vitiligo hospital want to remind the patients that it is a refractory and complicated disease with different types, diseased period and diseased parts. Each case varies with others, so patients had better receive his own special treatment, and cannot be treated in the same way. No matter which treatment methods patients adopt, patients need a precise treatment method made for themselves. Removing toxic melanin, activating tyrosinase activity, only in this way can reach a good treatment result.